D: Hey, Loki, remember me?

L: Sure I do. The one who talks from a distance. I can kinda see you though. I kinda remember you but we don’t really know each other in person.

D: That’s right. I hope to visit you and your mom someday. And---remember how you wanted a playmate, a little sister?

L: Yeah, it would be soooo fun.

D: Well, you are about to have a bigger family. You’re getting a sister tomorrow.

L: What’s her name?

D: Your mom doesn’t know yet. Are you excited?

L: Really excited! What does she look like?

D: I don’t know if you know dog breeds.

L: Not really. Just what others look like. Big or small?

D: She’s going to be small, even when she grows up. A lot smaller than you, so you have to be kind to her. She’s still a puppy.

L: How fun! Someone to play with.

D: Yes, but you have to remember not to play rough. She’s going to be pretty tiny. I think she’ll be tough, not really delicate, but still, you could hurt her if you play too rough. You have to be your best self, be really really gentle with her.

L: I can do that. I’m so excited!

D: I know. But you have to train her, along with your mom. She may bark a lot if she gets excited, but I think her breed does not bark a whole lot. I think she’s going to be really friendly, really loving. She’s going to be your new best friend---other than mom. So your new best dog friend.

L: I’m so excited! I’m glad she’s not big. I might be scared.

D: Well, you are the elder here, and you are the one who knows more, the wise one.

L: Me? That’s new. I feel like I have so much to learn about life.

D: We all do. She’s just little, but she can be a teacher too. It’s very important that you remember that she is another living being, another dog, not a toy to be rough with. Also, don’t lick her too much, as it could upset her. It’s important to see what she wants. You and mom are going to watch her grow up together.

L: It’s so wonderful. Thank mom over and over for me.

D: I sure will. She’s going to be a lot of work. Do you remember being a puppy?

L: Not really. It wasn’t that happy a time. I’m glad this little one will have a good life with us.

D: Well, remember that puppies need training. They need training where to pee and poop, and not to bark too much, and to come when called. By the way, your mom wants me to remind you to come when you are called.

L: I come when I’m called. Don’t I? At least most of the time.

D: Well, I’m sure you come sometimes. But part of being a dog living with humans is that you learn that you must obey commands and come when called all of the time. Sometimes it is just being courteous to your mom, as she may have a lot to do, or be tired and need to go home. But also it’s a good thing to learn because sometimes there may be danger and you could save your life or avoid get hurt because your obeyed the call right away. Besides, you have to set a good example and train your baby sister.

L: That will be a good reminder to me. It gives me a lot of responsibility.

D: Yes, it does. Mom says you’ve been very good lately, except for not always coming when called.

L: Oh, that makes me feel so good that I am making her happy!

D: Good. Are you happy? She thinks you are.

L: I’m really happy. Almost all the time. Sometimes I don’t get what I want exactly when I want it, but who does? I see sometimes humans don’t get what they want either. Mom’s usually happy, but not always.

D: She does her spiritual work and becomes more happy, but I think she’s mostly happy nowadays. She’s very happy with you. She loves animals so much.

L: I know. She loves all animals. But especially me.

D: You know she’ll be giving extra attention to your baby sister for a while. But she’ll never ignore you. You have to ask for what you need, but very gently, very nicely. Please do not be too insistent and pushy.

L: Me? Pushy?

D: I think you could be, right?

L: I guess so. I’ll try not to be too pushy. I’ll try to be patient. I know Mom can love us equally. And I’ve been wanting a friend for such a long time. And now it is finally happening. Thank Mom again and again.

D: I will. You thank her to, the ways you know how to, being really sweet and affectionate. She’ll know. This will be fun for both of you, for all three of you.

L: It will. I’m ecstatic! Thank you so much for telling me.

D: You’re welcome. Bye for now.

L: Bye.



Sample Chat with Loki

Loki is a two year old Parson Russell Terrier rescue dog.